Memories of Spring

Spring has always held a special feeling for me .  It’s not just the end of cold but the beginning of new adventures.  It was the chosen time to travel to Europe and explore with my camera . Ireland for the love of horses , Scotland for rustic terrain and castles, Switzerland for the reminder of my best friend Margrit and Italy to seek out Tuscany and Jake and Lisa’s new endeavour – Abruzzo Tours.

In each case I found much more than I had anticipated.  In Ireland I came upon Buryl Murless owner of the Curragh Stud and formed a heartwarming friendship .  Scotland amazed me with the variety of terrain .  Switzerland with its ever reaching mountains left one in awe And finally Italy was a whole new world and new meaning to the word historical .

Each trip made me thirsty for more and yet it also reinforced why I loved Canada and my simple abode and family in Oxford Mills .

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