Spring Tea

For as long as I can remember I always looked forward to the Victoria Magazines that would feature “TEAS” from around the world. The romantic settings, the dainty cups and saucers and of course the delectable sandwiches and sweets captured my imagination. This year I wanted to host a high tea in my sunroom while the trilliums were in full bloom covered by a canopy of lime green transparent maple leaves that allow the sun to filter through.

As I set out my lace table cloth that Ted’s mother had crocheted for us and placed her Wedgewood tea set in place my heart sang. Beautiful little bouquets from the “Dill Flower” in Kemptville completed the centre. When I had downsized I was determined to keep some of the unique and beautiful cups and saucers that I had received at my wedding shower forty-seven years ago At the time I didn’t think much of these gifts for I felt I would never use them . Mugs were the in style trend at the time. Oh I was soooo wrong.

As my friend’s arrived and we all gathered in the sunroom to taste the little sandwiches and anticipate the dessert items , I felt that my tea might not have rivalled Victoria Magazine but I was sure proud and enjoyed every moment !

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  1. Violet Jamieson May 23, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful! I totally disagree your pictures of your tea reminded me of when I had visited Victoria Island and had High Tea @ Victoria Hotel there and it was delightful as are your photos! I was transported back to that event!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • sugarbus May 23, 2017 — Post author

      Thank you Violet. What a nice compliment .

  2. Sue May 23, 2017

    Beautiful, Betty! Looks worthy of the Chateau Laurier! Brilliantly captured.

    • sugarbus May 23, 2017 — Post author

      Thanks Sue . I really enjoyed all aspects of it .

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