As the Christmas activities begin to unfold, I find my mind drifting back to my childhood excursions at this special time of year .  It was always the happiest of times filled with thoughts of dad hitching up the horses and going for sleigh rides in the cutter, warmly cocooned  in the bear rug .
Mom would have baked at least five different varieties of pies .  Some more sought after than others .  The coconut cream won out .
Christmas Eve with all of us children in one bed hardly able to contain the excitement of what was to come.  The perilous journey down the stairs to try and sneak into the front room to see what Santa Claus had left for us , only to be growled at by Dad, “Get back to bed”.  If only we could remember from year to year which was the “creaky” step that gave us away in the heart stopping escapade .
As a grandmother my dreams are mixed with the wonderment of the season as I see the little ones about me being given their very own Christmas memories that their loving parents are creating for them .

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